Applications for our 2020 LTN Global Peace & Justice Track are now open. Please note that in addition to the following application we require a YWAM leaders reference (past or present) in order to process your application.

You can send the following link for your YWAM Leader to fill out online:

*If at any point you have questions about the application process or logistics involved with LTN don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please give yourself around 20-30min to complete the application.

Love Thy Neighbour(hood) Application
Full Name *
Full Name
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Phone Number
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Birth Date
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Home Address
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Passport Expiration Date
Marriage & Dependents *
Are you married to a partner or have any dependents you're responsible to care for.
YWAM & Relevant Education History
LTN Questionare
*Note - part of the LTN involves an ongoing 'research capstone project' which students are required to explore throughout the school. Ideally these projects should be geared towards the student's sense of calling and vocation when it comes to particular nations or issues of injustices they wish to engage with or gain a deeper knowledge of. We encourage potential students even at the application stage to embrace a posture of prayer and ask the Lord to highlight struggles, topics or nations for deeper reflection and study within the LTN.
LTN Logostics
Do you have the necessary finances for LNT tuition & travel? *
Would you like help organizing your travel by making use of our school travel agency? *
Are there any health, allergy or dietary related concerns we should be aware of when considering your application? *
Please be honest and consider the fact that this is a transient school which involves a lot of travel and multiple climate conditions.
Do you currently or have you ever suffered from mental or emotional illnesses (depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, extreme anxiety or the like) *
Please consider the fact that this school will spend a significant amount of time looking directly at issues of historic and present injustice and violence as well as provide a platform for participants to look past their own entanglement with such injustice and violence.
Final Thoughts